High speed dc motor manufacturer introduces high speed motors

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High speed dc motor manufacturer introduces high speed motors

The main characteristics of the high speed dc motor manufacturer are the high rotor speed, the high stator winding current and flux frequency in the core, the high power density, and the high loss density. What other advantages does it have? Let high speed dc motor manufacturers introduce you to high speed motors next.


high speed dc motor manufacturer

High speed motors have the following advantages.

1. Excellent speed regulation characteristics, smooth, accurate, convenient, and wide range of speed regulation

2. Large overload capacity, able to withstand frequent shock loads.

3. Can achieve frequent step-less fast starting and braking and reversing

4. Can meet the requirements of various special operations of the production process automation system.


These advantages determine the high-speed motor has different from the normal-speed motor in unique key technology and design methods, high speed dc motor manufacturers in the design and manufacture of a high-speed motor, the difficulty is often exponentially greater than the ordinary-speed motor. Since it is so difficult, what are the prospects for the application of high speed motors? Where can it be used?


1. High speed motors are used in various applications such as centrifugal compressors for air conditioners or refrigerators, and with the development of science and technology, special requirements are becoming more and more widespread.


2. With the development of hybrid vehicles in the automotive industry, small-size and lightweight high-speed generators will be given full attention and have good application prospects in hybrid vehicles, aviation, ships, and other fields.


3. driven by a gas turbine high-speed generator small size, with high mobility, can be used for some important facilities' backup power, but also as an independent power supply or small power station, to make up for the lack of a centralized power supply, has an important practical value.


The above is about the introduction of high-speed motor, I hope to give you help. Yunkong Electronics is a high speed dc motor manufacturer. if you have any other questions or needs about this, please contact us directly.