What are 24v brushless motors used for?

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What are 24v brushless motors used for?

What are the advantages of 24v brushless motor compared with brushed motor? 24v motor has been widely used in all walks of life, why a large number of industries began to use 24v brushless motor?

Previously, the most common motor used in 24v power supplies is brushless DC motor, which has low cost, high speed, small volume, can be used with 24v battery, easy to carry and so on have become the necessary power source in agricultural production and processing. But with the continuous development of agricultural science and technology, agricultural scientific research and agricultural engineering application practice to the precision, performance, specifications, varieties, types, volume, intelligent operation and other aspects of the motor have put forward many new requirements. At this time, the ordinary brushed DC motor has gradually been unable to meet the needs of so many aspects.

24v brushless motor

First of all, the accuracy is not high. The ordinary brushed motor is directly connected to the power supply and can only output the rated speed, but cannot realize the speed regulation. Secondly, the traditional carbon brush will generate sparks when running at high speed, and there will be safety risks in some specific occasions, and the life of the carbon brush is only about 2000 hours, the need for frequent replacement, maintenance trouble. Third, the common brushless DC motor has a single type, and one model corresponds to one power. In many cases, the size cannot be changed, which leads to the change of the scheme or the use of other types of motors.

So who can take its place? 24v brushless motor is undoubtedly the best choice. 24v brushless motor first has all the advantages of brush motor, small size, large torque, high speed, can be connected to the battery, and there are many new agricultural technology production required by the new characteristics.

In terms of accuracy, 24v brushless motor is equipped with a driver, which can realize precise control like servo and stepper motor. After two times of development, it can also realize multiple mode automatic production.

In terms of performance, DC 24v brushless motor can realize the precise setting of 1500-20000 RPM, and the torque is larger than that of ordinary brushless DC motors.

Type, DC 24v brushless motor on the same power can use several different size types of programs, can meet the needs of different equipment installation of customers, but also can match the market of several mainstream reducer, micro reducer, planetary reducer, RV reducer and right Angle reducer and so on.

In volume, brushless DC 24v motor is 30% smaller than brushless motor at the same power.

Intelligent operation, because 24v brushless motor is equipped with a driver, can realize positive and negative rotation, speed regulation, communication integration, truly achieve electromechanical integration.

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