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Brake stepper motor

The brake stepper motor includes the stepper motor and the brake.

The advantages of our brake stepper motors

1. Mainly suitable for vertical and horizontal motion transmission mechanisms.

2. The brake stepper motor is fixed and kept in its original position after a power failure, and does not affect the normal operation of the motor when power is applied.

3. Comply with ISO9001:2015 quality standard and ISO14001 environmental system standard to ensure product quality.

4. On-time delivery and worry-free transportation according to customer requirements.


Yunkong Electronics is a company with an area of more than 20,000 square meters, specializing in the development and manufacture of brake stepper motors, brake stepper motors with brake motors, high torque, and other advantages. At present, it is widely used in automatic equipment such as glue dispensers, elevators, CNC machine tools, Cone Machine, packing machines, and so on.