Chinese bldc motor manufacturers introduce bldc motor to you

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Chinese bldc motor manufacturers introduce bldc motor to you

As a Chinese bldc motor manufacturer, many of you will ask me how the bldc motor made in China is. What are the advantages? Today we will introduce the bldc motor to you.


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BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current Motor. The rotor of a BLDC motor has no coils in it, the rotor is a permanent magnet and the rotor rotates by changing the direction of the magnetic field generated by the surrounding coils. The electric current to the coil is controlled externally. The rotation of the rotor is controlled by controlling the direction and magnitude of the current to the coil.


Compared to DC motors, BLDC motors have several advantages.


First, high efficiency can control its torque and always keep the maximum, DC motor in the process of rotation of the maximum torque can only maintain a moment, and can not always maintain the maximum, DC motor wants to get and BLDC motor as much torque can only increase its magnet.


Second, with good control, the BLDC motor can accurately feedback on the target rotation number, torque, etc., through precise control can suppress the heat and power consumption of the motor, if it is battery-driven, it can extend the drive time through careful control.


In addition to these two points, there are also the advantages of long service life and low noise, etc. The advantages of BLDC motors are many, but they also lead to higher costs than brushed motors.


The above is the introduction and advantages of bldc motor, hope it can help you better understand our products, Yunkong Electronics is a Chinese bldc motor manufacturer, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.