Stepper motor manufacturers teach you how to prevent stepper motor heating

 18/01/2022| View:358
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Stepper motor manufacturers teach you how to prevent stepper motor heating

First of all, to understand why the stepper motor heating

For stepper motor manufacturers, all kinds of stepper motor are composed of iron core and winding coils. Stepper motors generally pursue positioning accuracy and torque output, the efficiency is relatively low, the current is generally large, and the harmonic component is high, the frequency of alternating current also changes with the speed, so the stepper motors are generally hot, and the situation is more serious than the general AC motors.

Furthermore, the stepper motor heating control in a reasonable range

The degree to which motor heating is allowed depends mainly on the internal insulation level of the motor. The internal insulation performance will be damaged only at high temperature (above 130 degrees). So as long as the interior does not exceed 130 degrees, the motor will not be damaged, while the surface temperature will be below 90 degrees. Therefore, the stepper motor surface temperature in 70-80 degrees is normal.

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Third, stepper motor heating with speed change

When stepper motor supplier use constant current drive technology, the current of stepper motor will be maintained relatively constant at static and low speed to maintain constant torque output. The speed is high to a certain extent, the internal counter potential of the motor increases, the current will gradually decrease, and the torque will decrease. Thus, heat from copper loss is velocity dependent. Static and low speed heating is generally high, high speed heating is low. This is just the general situation.

Finally, reduce the heating of the stepper motor

To reduce heat is to reduce copper and iron loss. There are two directions to reduce copper loss, reduce resistance and current, which requires the selection of motor with low resistance and low rated current as far as possible. For two-phase motor, the motor can be connected in series without parallel motor. But this often contradicts the requirements of torque and high speed. For motors that have been selected, take full advantage of the driver's automatic half-current control function, which automatically reduces the current when the stepper motor is static, and the off-line function, which simply cuts off the current. In addition, due to the current waveform of the subdivision driver is close to sine, less harmonics, stepper motor heating will be less.

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