Why choose nema 17 closed loop stepper motor?

 21/12/2021| View:458
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Why choose nema 17 closed loop stepper motor?

Why we choose nema 17 closed loop stepper motor is discussed from the following aspects:

1. Different control precision. The accuracy of ordinary stepper motor depends on the structure of the motor. The more the number of phases and beats of the motor, the higher its accuracy. Most of the market is still two-phase stepper motor, and the accuracy is not too high. The nema 17 closed loop stepper motor is equipped with an encoder at the end of the motor to form closed-loop control and improve certain accuracy.

2. Different moment-frequency characteristics; The output torque of the ordinary stepper motor will decrease with the increase of the speed. Due to the lack of closed-loop current compensation, the high-speed torque loss is very large. The NEMA17 closed-loop stepper motor has the closed-loop control of current, so that there is current compensation at high speed to maintain the high-speed torque output.

 nema 17 closed loop stepper motor

3. Different running performance: stepper motor manufacturer in china will tell you ordinary stepper motor control for the open loop control, start frequency is too high or too much load step is easy to lose or locked-rotor phenomenon, stops high speed impact occurred easily, closed-loop stepper motor as the closed loop control, drive directly to the motor encoder feedback signal sampling, internal position loop and speed loop, Generally, there is no step loss or overrush of stepper motor, and the control performance is more reliable.

4. Different speed response performance; It takes hundreds of milliseconds for the ordinary stepper motor to accelerate from static to working speed, while the AC servo system has better acceleration performance, generally only tens of milliseconds, which can be used for the control occasions requiring fast start and stop.

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