Why does the electric hair dryer choose a high-speed DC brushless motor?

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Why does the electric hair dryer choose a high-speed DC brushless motor?

The requirement of an electric heat dryer is higher and higher now, among them water ion enters the eye, it is the function that protects hair, the water molecule in air undertakes ultrafine particle to change processing, raise water component 1000 times. Make the hair keeps relaxed and moist from beginning to end, eliminate dandruff trouble fundamentally.

What kind of motor does the hairdryer use? High-speed brushless DC motorsare recommended here.How a hairdryer works: It uses an electric fan and heating coil to convert electrical energy into convective heat. The fan rotates to produce airflow through the heating element to the blower. As the air flows through the heating coil, the heat from the coil heats up the airflow due to forced convection, and hot air flows out of the end of the blower.

24v high-speed DC brushless motor

The following is about the role of a high-speed DC brushless motor in the water ion electric heat dryer:

1. Safety protection system, in order to better prevent the danger of overheating and fire, the use of temperature fuse in high-speed DC brushless motor, file temperature, and current is too high, the fuse will melt point, the power will be cut off.

2 High-speed brushless DC motor leakage protector, in the high-speed brushless DC motor, connected leakage protector, inserted into the socket, leakage protection will play a monitoring function, will monitor from the wall of a socket outflow and that is after the circuit, in the return to another socket current size. If the leakage protector senses a current leak, it will automatically cut off the circuit.

3 Heat insulation function, without proper heat insulation measures, the shell of the hairdryer will become very hot. High-speed brushless DC motor runs stably to reduce heat generation, coupled with the use of PP, ABS on the fan shell plastic material insulation.

4. Noiseless hairdryer is the direction of product development. Now the general noise is about 75dB, and the noise itself is also pollution, which does great harm to the ears. The use of brushless DC motor decibel as low as 45dB, combined with the fan noise isolation structure, the overall noise as low as 40dB.

The water ion electric heating blower uses a high-speed brushless DC motor . Because of the need to process the moisture in the air with ultramicro particles, the motor with stable performance is selected to eliminate the influence of sparks. The electric hot air design is based on the premise of organizing the beautiful life, takes modern industrial technology as the means, attaches great importance to the psychological needs of users, and the coordination of function and beauty.