The introduction of high-speed brushless motor for glue leveler

 18/08/2021| View:292
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The introduction of high-speed brushless motor for glue leveler

The high-speed brushless motor can be applied to many products, so what can be applied to specific products? According to the recent user asked about the product is the glue homogenizer, let's take an example below.

What is a glue homogenizer? The dispensing system of the homogenizer can be used to apply different kinds of photoresist. The way to drop the glue is the wafer static or rotating. With the increase of wafer size, more drops of glue or mobile glue drop appears.

high-speed brushless motor

What kind of high-speed brushless motordoes the glue homogenizer use? The 30,000-rpm motor is used here, and the speed and control precision of the homogenizer is directly related to the thickness control of the rotary coating and the uniformity of the film.

The use of high-speed brushless motor has the characteristics of simple structure, stable performance, instead of brush motor carbon brush wear, low life, but also to replace the AC motor speed is low, large volume.

Why does the glue homogenizer need a hollow shaft? The stability and repeatability of the spindle speed are the key factors to determine the uniformity and consistency of the film thickness, and the starting acceleration is the key factor to determine whether the photoresist with different viscosity can be removed and the adhesive can be uniform.