How to realize high speed brushless motor drive?

 07/09/2021| View:344
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How to realize high speed brushless motor drive?

High speed brushless motor has simple structure, low noise, free maintenance, no commutation spark, and can directly by the mains rectifier power etc, in the constant speed drive devices, such as fan, water pump, elevator, automatic door, also can be used in the speed control driving device, such as: logistics transportation equipment, packaging equipment, printing, food, and some precision equipment, For example: cutting machine, CNC bed, medical equipment, but also can be used in home appliances, such as air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines and so on.

high speed brushless motor manufacturer from China

Our high-speed brushless DC motor can be used in electrical appliances, power tools, medical equipment. Our electromechanical high speed brushless motor has many models, parameters, performance and drivers can be customized according to customer requirements.

The components of high speed brushless motor are: stator, rotor, Hall plate, front and back end cover, among which the driver part is particularly important. High speed brushless motor driver is composed of power module, digital signal controller DSC, intelligent power module IPM, high voltage DC brushless motor, position signal acquisition module, motor parameter acquisition module, protection module, brake module, user interface and communication module, etc. According to the parameters required by customers and other control system parameters or parameters set by RS232 interface, combined with the rotor position signal and the current state of the motor to adjust the IPM drive signal, to achieve the control of the brushless motor.