Advantages of high speed brushless motor

 07/06/2021| View:146
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Brushless motor as a common mechanical equipment, in the enterprise production plays an important role, then, what advantage does it have to attract the attention of users? Next small make-up to take everyone together to understand it!

  1. No brush, low interference: the brushless motor removes the brush, no spark will be produced during operation, greatly reducing the interference of the spark to the remote control radio equipment; 2. Low noise, smooth operation: low friction during operation, smooth operation, low noise; 3. Adopt new sealing device, good protection performance, strong adaptability to the environment, can be in corrosion, moisture and other harsh environment. 4. Long life, low maintenance costs: the main wear and tear in the bearing, from a mechanical point of view, the motor is almost a maintenance-free motor, when necessary, just do some dust removal maintenance.

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  2. Because of the advantages mentioned above, and with the continuous reduction of the cost of brushless controller and the development and market competition of brushless technology at home and abroad, brushless power system is developing and popularizing at a high speed, the use of this motor is also becoming more and more common.