The role of high-speed brushless motor in water ion electrothermal blow

 21/05/2021| View:649
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The role of high-speed brushless motor in water ion electrothermal blow

High-speed brushless motor is used in water ion electric blower. Because of the need to treat the water in the air with ultra-fine particles, the motor with stable performance is used to eliminate the influence of spark. Electric heating air design is based on the premise of organizing beautiful life, modern industrial technology as a means to pay attention to the psychological needs of users, the coordination of function and beauty. The main functions of the high-speed brushless motor in the water ion electric-heating hair dryer are as follows:

high speed brushless motor

1. Safety system, in order to better prevent overheating and fire risk, the use of high speed brushless motor Thermal cutoff, when the temperature and current is too high, fuse will melt point, power will be cut off.

2. The leakage protector for high speed brushless motor, after the high speed DC brushless motor is connected to the leakage protector and plugged into the socket, the leakage protector will play a monitoring function, which will monitor the leakage from one socket of the wall socket and pass through the circuit, the amount of current returned to another socket. If the earth leakage protector detects a leakage of current, it will automatically cut off the circuit.

3. Insulation. Without proper insulation, the outside of a hair dryer can get very hot. High-speed brushless DC motor stable operation to reduce heat generation, coupled with the use of PP fan shell, ABS Deng plastic raw material heat insulation.

4. No noise hair dryer is the direction of product development, now the general noise around 75 db, noise itself is also pollution, the damage to the ear. Use high-speed brushless motor db as low as 45DB, with fan noise insulation structure, the overall noise as low as 40DB.