Working principle of high speed brushless motor

 18/05/2021| View:137
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High speed brushless motor is a typical mechatronics engineering product, which is composed of motor body and driver. Next we will introduce the working principle of high-speed and high-speed brushless motor.

Simply put, by changing the alternating frequency and waveform of the current wave input to the stator coil of a high-speed brushless motor, a magnetic field is formed around the winding coil that rotates around the geometric axis of the motor, this magnetic field drives the permanent magnet steel on the rotor to turn, and the motor turns. The performance of the motor is related to such factors as the quantity of magnet steel, the magnetic flux intensity of magnet steel, and the input voltage of the motor, it also has a lot to do with the control performance of the high speed brushless motor, because the input is a direct current, which needs to be governor into a three phase ac current, as well as receiving the control signal from the remote control receiver to control the speed of the motor, to meet the needs of the model. 

Overall, the structure of the high speed brushless motor is relatively simple, and it is the performance of the brushless governor that really determines its performance, good governor require a single chip control program design, circuit design, complex processing technology and other processes of the overall control, so the price is much higher than the brush motor.

high speed brushless motor

The above is the high-speed brushless motor principle of work, I hope to help you.