How does a high-speed brushless motor lose heat

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How does a high-speed brushless motor lose heat

Generally speaking, a motor above 10000 RPM can be called a high-speed motor, that is, a brushless motor above 10000 RPM can be called a high-speed brushless motor, and it can also be defined by the linear speed of the rotor rotation. The speed of the motor is generally greater than 50m/s, and the centrifugal stress of the rotor is proportional to the square of the rotor speed. Therefore, according to the rotor speed, it reflects the rotor structure design speed.

High-speed brushless motor is also widely used in different industries, such as laboratory instruments, high-speed centrifuges, mixers, and household wall breaking machines, hairdryers, power tools, etc.The loss of the motor increases geometrically with the speed, and the heat generated by the high loss causes the temperature rise of the motor to increase rapidly. To maintain high-speed operation, it is necessary to design a cooling method with good heat dissipation. The usual cooking method of the high-speed brushless motor is internal forced air cooling. Strong cold air can be blown directly into the motor to take away the heat of the coil and the iron core.

high speed brushless motor lose heat

"Internal Oil Cooling" is a combination of oil cooling inside the stator slots for high-speed brushless motors designed by AVL, such as in-service environments where the motor must be turned off and protected or there is no strong wind. Some motors also use winding oil injection cooling + stator oil cooling + rotor oil cooling combination.

The high-speed brushless motor can meet users' performance requirements, and the performance parameters can be adjusted according to the requirements, which will be an advantage of the customized manufacturing industry.