Stepper motor manufacturers teach you the causes of stepper motor missteps

 03/11/2022| View:570
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Stepper motor manufacturers teach you the causes of stepper motor missteps

With the development of society, stepper motor technology is also increasingly mature. Stepper motors are open-loop control motors that transform electrical pulse signals into angular or linear displacements. Whether it is common in the work of copiers and printers, or industrial production of cutting machines and filling machines, stepper motors can be seen everywhere. However, the use of stepper motors inevitably found to have the phenomenon of lost step (stepper motor lost step means that the stepper motor does not follow the command to take the appropriate number of steps), as a professional stepper motor manufacturerwill explain in detail the reasons that lead to the lost step stepper motor.

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1. Stepping motor selection is not appropriate, the motor torque is not enough or object motion inertia exceeds the self-locking force of the motor, resulting in a loss of step;

2. improper selection of the drive, supporting the drive current is small, affecting the normal operation of the motor, now on the market many current false label drive, take the peak current when the rated current to fool consumers, drive selection rated current should be greater than the rated current of the stepper motor 1.2-1.5 times;

3. Improper selection of supporting power supply, supporting power supply should be 1.5-2 times the rated power of the drive. Power supply false label, then the false drive label should be more serious;

4. The control part should exclude interference, be away from the inverter, anti-static. Equipment grounding treatment to prevent induction of electricity, signal lines do a good job shielding treatment, setting the appropriate start frequency. Good acceleration and deceleration rotor acceleration is slower than the rotating magnetic field of the stepper motor. If that rotor speed is lower than the speed of the phase change, the motor will produce an out-of-step due to the motor's lack of electrical energy input. The resulting torque can not make the rotor speed keep up with the rotating speed of the stator magnetic field, thus causing an out-of-step. The average rotor speed is higher than the average rotational speed of the stator field, which is a long time for the stator to be energized and excited than the time required for stepping, and the rotor gains too much energy during stepping, resulting in too much torque generated by the motor and thus causing the motor to overstep.

The above causes stepper motors to get out of step. When purchasing stepper motors, it is recommended to choose regular professional stepper motor manufacturers.I hope it can help you in your purchase and use.