Reason analysis of high speed brushless motor can not start

 12/05/2022| View:182
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Reason analysis of high speed brushless motor can not start

High speed brushless motor, which is composed of a motor and driver, can operate autonomously, with high operating efficiency, low torque speed, smaller volume, and higher control accuracy, so it is very popular in the industry, many industries are switching to high speed brushless motor. In practice, we find that high speed brushless motor can suddenly startup for a variety of reasons, and we can look at each of the following.

high speed brushless motor

If the power supply voltage is too low or if the voltage drops too much when the motor is started, the motor will not be able to start, which will cause the high speed brushless motor to fail to start. After exclusion, check with Megohm meter whether the stator windings are short-circuited or grounded, and then check whether the stator windings or rotor windings are short-circuited, or the wound rotor brush is not in contact with the slip ring, and needs to be repaired. High speed brushless motor overload can also cause a failure to start, as well as parts such as damaged bearings and faulty stator winding wiring. If it still doesn't start up properly after checking, you'll need to ask a professional to help you not dismantle and install high speed brushless motor to prevent damage.

High speed brushless motor has been used in many industries, and it is rapidly gaining market share due to its multiple advantages. Please contact us for more information about high speed brushless motors.