Stepper motor manufacturer talks about the development of stepping motor

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Stepper motor manufacturer talks about the development of stepping motor

The stepper motor synthesizes the characteristics of the permanent magnet type and the reaction type, which can be divided into two-phase and three-phase, and five-phase, its rotor itself is magnetic, so the torque produced under the same stator current is greater than the reaction type stepper motor, however, the structure of the hybrid rotor is complex and the speed is lower than that of the reactive stepping motor. As a professional stepper motor manufacturer, today we will talk about the development of stepper motors.

Stepper motor manufacturer

The original type of stepping motor originated from the 1830s to 1860s. With the development of permanent magnet materials and semiconductor technology, stepper motor manufacturers' stepping motor has been rapidly developed and matured. In the late 1960s, China began to develop stepping motors. From then until the late 1960s, it was mainly universities and research institutes that developed small quantities of products for a number of devices. Since the early 1970s, breakthroughs have been made in production and research. From the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, stepper motor manufacturers developed a variety of high-performance products. Since the mid-1980s, with the development of the stepping motor, Stepper Motor manufacturers' stepping motor technology, including the body technology and drive technology, has gradually approached the level of foreign industry, the applications of various stepper motors, and their driving products are increasing gradually.

Stepper motor manufacturer believes that stepper motor is widely used in a variety of automation equipment as the executive component, is a set of permanent magnet and reactive power advantages of the stepper motor in one. Divided into two-phase, three-phase, and five-phase, the two-phase stepping angle is generally 1.8 degrees, the three-phase stepping angle is generally 1.2 degrees, five-phase stepping angle is generally 0.72 degrees.