24V brushless motor applications

 07/04/2022| View:323
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24V brushless motor applications

The application of the 24V brushless motor is closely related to the development of electronic technology, microelectronic technology, digital technology, automatic control technology and materials science technology, power generation energy conversion, signal sensing, etc. . The 24V brushless motor has a wide range of applications, such as automobiles, tools, industrial controls, automation, aerospace, and more. Generally speaking, a 24V brushless motor can be divided into three main uses:

24v brushless motor

Continuous load applications: requires a certain speed but speed accuracy is not high, such as fans, pumps, blowers, and other applications, such applications cost low, and most of the open-loop control.

Variable load applications: the speed needs to change within a certain range of applications, 24V brushless motor speed characteristics and dynamic response time characteristics have higher requirements. Such as household appliances, dryers, and compressors in the automotive industry in the oil pump control, electronic controllers, engine control, and other areas of a good example, such applications of the system costs are relatively high.

Positioning applications: most industrial control and automation applications fall into this category, where energy transfer is usually accomplished, and therefore the dynamic response to speed and torque is required, the requirements for the controller are also higher. Process Control, mechanical control, and transportation control are among the applications.

The 24V brushless motor, which is used in many industries, is rapidly gaining market share due to its multiple advantages. You can contact us for more information if you need it.