High speed brushless motor manufacturer tell you what is brushless motor

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High speed brushless motor manufacturer tell you what is brushless motor

What kind of motor is called a high speed brushless motor? And how stable is the high-speed brushless motor? These are worthy of our discussion.

The high speed brushless motor is actually named for distinguishing its ordinary speed motors. The definition of high speed actually refers to the definition of the motor speed. The running speed of a standard motor is about 3000 revolutions. This speed is actually the corresponding to the traditional 2-pole motor. The speed of the brushless motor itself does not need to be controlled by the number of stages, but the pulse frequency it accepts. related. When the pulse frequency is increased, a high speed can be reached. Therefore, the high-speed brushless motor can easily reach a speed of more than 10,000 revolutions. The maximum can reach 20,000 revolutions per minute.

high speed brushless motor

However, when the motor speed increases, a very important problem is the rapid rise in temperature. Everyone understands the principle of drilling wood to make fire. Although the ignition point of wood is much lower than that of metal, wood is organic and has no melting point. Different metals, they will reach the melting point before reaching the ignition point. Therefore, many motor manufacturers In the production of high speed brushless motors, the heat dissipation problem is not actively considered, which makes the product beautiful, but in fact, it is not durable.

A high speed brushless motor must have a good heat dissipation environment. This is something that many customers cannot understand. They all feel that there are cavities everywhere on the motor, which affects the beauty of the product. Sometimes, manufacturers are even strongly required to make high speed brushless. The motor is completely enclosed, which eventually leads to a shortened service life of the high speed brushless motor after only using it for a period of time. When making high speed brushless motors, we will tell customers that we must make the motor have heat dissipation vents in all directions. This way, although it does not look good, it ensures that the motor has a longer life when in use.At the same time, after adding more heat dissipation holes, the high speed brushless motor will also add a small heat dissipation fan inside to further reduce the temperature rise problem. This is the real reasonable solution to solve and manufacture high-speed brushless motors.