High Precision Brushless Motor application when applying

 13/04/2021| View:177
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High Precision Brushless Motor refers to a rotating motor that converts DC power into mechanical energy (DC motor) or converts mechanically to DC power (DC generators). It is a motor that achieves DC power and mechanical energy to be converted to each other. We should pay attention to operation techniques and steps when using runtime, which affects the use effect. What should I pay attention to when I apply?

1. Before disassembling, check the appearance integrity of High Precision Brushless Motor, and then use compressed air to blow away the dust on the surface of the High Precision Brushless Motor and wipe off surface dirt.

2. Select High Precision Brushless Motor to decompose the workplace to clean up the site environment.

3, familiar with the characteristics and maintenance technical requirements of High Precision Brushless Motor.

4. Ready to remove the desired special tools and equipment.

High Precision Brushless Motor

5. In order to further understand the defects in the HIGH Precision Brushless Motor, the inspection test can be checked before the conditions permitted. Therefore, the High Precision Brushless Motor is loaded, and the temperature, sound, vibration, etc. of the various parts of High Precision Brushless Motor are checked, and the voltage, current, speed, etc. are tested, and then the load is disconnected, and the no-load check test is performed. Measure the no-load current and no - load loss and record it well.

6, turn off the power, remove the external wiring of the High Precision Brushless Motor and make a record.

7, select the multimeter to test the insulation resistance of the High Precision Brushless Motor. In order to compare the insulation resistance value measured during the last overhaul, it is to determine the insulation trend and insulation state of the high precision brushless motor, and the insulation resistance value measured at different temperatures should be converted to the same temperature, typically 75 ° C.

8. Test the absorption rate k. When the absorption is greater than 1.33, it means that high precision brushless Motor is not a humid effect or a moisture degree is not serious. In order to compare the previous data, the absorption rate measured at any temperature should also be converted to the same temperature.9. After all the questions are checked, process the problem of finding, reassemble the complete, and run the check.