How to achieve high speed brushless motor drive

 03/03/2021| View:96
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The high speed brushless motor has the advantages of simple structure, low noise, maintenance-free, and no reversing sparks. It can be directly driven by the mains rectifier. It can also be used for fixed speed drive equipment such as fans, water pumps, elevators and automatic doors. Speed-regulating drive equipment, such as logistics transportation, printing, food equipment, packaging equipment, and some precision equipment, such as cutting machines, CNC beds, medical equipment, and household appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Mini high speed brushless motor is still the most widely used product and is close to the products we use. The high speed brushless motor can be used in electrical appliances, power tools and medical equipment. East high speed brushless motor has many models, parameters and performance. And can customize the drive according to customer requirements.

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The components of a high speed brushless motor are: stator, rotor, Hall plate, front and rear covers, and the driver is particularly important. The high speed brushless motor driver consists of a power module, digital signal controller DSC, intelligent power module IPM, high speed brushless motor, position signal acquisition module, motor parameter acquisition module, protection module, brake module, user interface and communication module. The parameters required by the customer and the parameters set by other control systems or the parameters set by the RS232 interface are combined with the rotor to adjust the drive signal position signal of the IPM and the current state of the motor to realize the control of the high speed brushless motor.