Welcome HITACHI people to visit Yunkong on 15th,Jul

 16/07/2020| View:669
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Welcome HITACHI people to visit Yunkong on 15th,Jul

Welcome Mr Zhang  from HITACHI  to visit Yunkong Electronic CO.,Ltd on 15th,Jul

     Another rainny day today,but we are happy to meet the purchaser manager Mr Zhang from HITACHI.We have made today for the meeting day at Yunkong company.

    Mr Zhang come to our company at 9:00 am.Then we have a short meeting  to learn about each other in the meetinng room.And he told us HITACHI want to look for the new superior motor supplier(Servo motor,stepper motor,brushless motor) from China for their project.

   After meeting,we take him to visit our factory.Including the CNC work house,production line ,warehouse ,inspect house,relibility Lab.........

  Our quality manager and the production manager give him all the answers in time  when he have any questions.

    After visit the factory,we have talked some other details for the factory in the meeting room.

    Finally, he expressed high satisfaction with our company.