YK finished the order in two weeks and delivery on 13th,Jul

 14/07/2020| View:150
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YK team finished the stepper motor order in two weeks and delivery on 13th,Jul 

    It is a rainny day today,but still cann't stop the working enthusiasm from YK team.

    We get the confirmation from our customer one week ago,they told us that we should delivery the stepper motor purcahse order after one week,because the goods want to catch up the shipping schedule on 16th,Jul.

    Although we have some material in stock,but it is still hardly for us to finished the 6000pcs stepper motor in one week.But we will try our best to do it.We must help our customer.

   Finally we finished it in time under  the hard work from different departents.  

   YK team get the highly recognized and praised from customer.


    YK team is the professional manufacturer of the stepper motor,bldc motor,servo motor and planetary gearbox.If you have any request for these products,please feel free to contact us.We will try our best to help you for any request for product.

    Welcome to visit our factory!