Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of high precision brushless motor

 16/11/2021| View:185
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General brushless dc motor manufacturer in the production of brushless DC motor with electronic components instead of the traditional carbon brush commutation, so that will solve the shortcomings of brush motor. Let's look at the advantages of brushless motor first. Because of brushless motor without the working process of the carbon brush so there is no noise, which in some quiet place such as hospitals, schools, Banks will highlight the advantages, because there is no carbon brush brushless motor in the process of the work will be no spark, which make the brushless dc motor in some inflammable and explosive occasions lead, there is a more important is the long life, Because the friction of carbon brush of brush motor will make the carbon brush easy to damage, and the life of brushless motor will be much longer than that of brush motor. Because brushless motor adopts magnetic field induction, there is no substantial contact, so the speed of brushless motor is faster.

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To see so many advantages, of course, brushless dc motor will have its corresponding faults, brushless dc motor must be equipped with corresponding dc motor speed regulator to work, this is nothing but would increase the cost of the work, just for brushless motor manufacturer commutator will be higher than the cost of carbon brush, alone with only the cost of brushless motor will be higher than a brush motor. In addition, if the situation is high magnetic field, the rotor of the motor itself is made by magnets, under the action of high magnetic field, the magnetic field of the rotor will be changed or part of the magnetic field will be eliminated, which will make the motor can not work correctly.

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